TEB Cooperative Group creates 55 jobs in 2016

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TEB Cooperative Group has created 55 jobs in 2016, according to consolidated figures made public in the last assemblies of the Group. Of these new jobs, 41 belong [...]

Minister Mas-Colell presents the “Compromisos TEB”savings bond certificates to sixty families from TEB

2019-12-20T12:24:39+01:0010/03/15|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|Tags: , , , , |

The presentation of the "Compromisos TEB" savings bonds was attended by the minister for the Economy and Knowledge, Andreu Mas-Colell, who stressed the initiative to help improve the [...]

Ethical finance, the position of the cooperative movement and theatre by TEB Vallès, in the 6th TEB Vist programme

2019-12-20T12:24:41+01:0012/02/15|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|Tags: , , , |

The TEB Vist team devoted this programme to an initiative carried out by the TEB to find finance through ethical, responsible saving, assessing the state of health and [...]

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