The TEB Vist team devoted this programme to an initiative carried out by the TEB to find finance through ethical, responsible saving, assessing the state of health and challenges to the cooperative movement, and also reviews 7 years of theatrical experience at the TEB Vallès occupational centre.

The TEB bonds were a successful experiment whereby the cooperative had access to an alternative type of finance to that on the banking market, and one that is also more responsible. The families who have opted for it are getting a higher return that that offered by banks, and at the same time they know what their money is being used for at all times: to create jobs for people with intellectual disability.

These cooperative finance initiatives and the current position of the cooperative movement are discussed in the interview with Perfecto Alonso, president of the Catalan Federation of Workers’ Cooperatives.

The programme ends with a report on the show put on at the end of December at the Mirador theatre in Castellar by our colleagues at TEB Vallès. With seven editions behind them and a different story every year, their work has become a tradition in the this municipality in the Vallès Occidental área.