Gardening and environmental services

We have 25 years’ experience in the design and maintenance of green spaces. We offer a local, professional service that always takes sustainable environmental principles into account.

We specialise in designing and regenerating green spaces and gardens, both public and private. We also fit out interiors with plants and floral arrangements.

Our specialist professionals offer advice on the design and the most suitable flowers and other plants for each space. As well as aesthetic criteria, our proposals take into account water consumption and energy saving.



We offer cleaning services designed to meet the needs of every business, organisation or office.

We have a quality system certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Green office

We offer businesses and other organisations selective collection and transport services for the following types of waste:

Paper/cardboard, packaging, batteries, printer cartridges, glass, etc.

We install specific containers for each type of waste and empty them as often as arranged.

We offer the option of issuing certificates that the waste is properly managed and exploited.


Custom solutions to remove bad smells

We offer solutions to remove bad smells from any type of location (offices, warehouses, car parks, toilets, shops, etc.) using different means (sprays, gel packs in ventilation and cooling ducts, etc.).

We are currently suppliers to the Catalan government’s railway system and to the Spanish high-speed trains to remove specific odours from certain cars.


Door to Door

Local service in line with the “Last mile” concept. We are committed to supporting the fabric of the neighbourhood with quality services for businesses and also for individuals (sustainable distribution of parcels in the last mile, improving mobility for people, concierge services, organic baskets, messages, etc.).


Ecological vehicle cleaning

Your vehicle fleets in tip-top condition thanks to our ecological cleaning service, available on our premises. We guarantee:

  • Saving water: our system uses no more than between four and six litres of water per wash, while a tunnel system uses 250 litres for each wash.
  • Ecological products:  we only use biodegradable products in our washes.