TEB Cooperative Group has created 55 jobs in 2016, according to consolidated figures made public in the last assemblies of the Group.

Of these new jobs, 41 belong to Special Employment Centres, the majority of which, 31, corresponds to people with intellectual disabilities, and the rest, 10, to people with physical or sensory disabilities. In addition, the Group has hired 14 new support professionals to respond to this growth in the workforce.

Despite cuts from Public Administrations, TEB Cooperative Group has increased its commitment with the employment of people with intellectual disabilities in recent years. Thus, since 2009, the workforce of its Special Employment Centers has increased by 163 people, more than 42%.

The improvement is based on the diversification of products and services and the increase of competitiveness, especially through its own brands Trade&More (food products) and Tcolors (school paintings), and the increase in exports.

Seven cooperatives with social initiative and more than 1,000 people

TEB Cooperative Group was founded more than 50 years ago and currently comprises seven non-profit social cooperatives (TEB Barcelona, TEB Vallès, TEB Bellvitge, TEB Solucions, TEB Verd, TEB Habitatge and TEB Gestió). Currently it gives work or services to 1,064 people:

  • 548 people with disabilities in Special Employment Centre (8% annual increase)
  • 220 support professionals (7% annual increase, and 56% since 2008)
  • 178 people in Occupational Therapy Services (STO) and Occupational Insertion Services (SOI), an increase of 2% per year and 35% since 2008
  • 79 people in home care services (residential homes and In-Home support service), with an increase of 5% per year and 27% since 2008
  • 171 people in sports clubs
  • 26 people guarded by TEB Fundació