More than 25 professionals from the social teams and secretaries of the different TEB centres have been trained during the first half of 2019 in writing easy-to-read texts.

The objective is to write circulars, letters and notes more cognitively accessible for TEB  workers and users and their families.

The training sessions, of 3 hours duration and carried out in small groups, have been led by the Communication team of TEB through the reflection and analysis of informative documents of daily use within the cooperatives.

TEB expects to renew the training each year to recycle knowledge and deepen the learning.

The easy-to-read texts facilitate its comprehension to everybody, and especially to people with reading difficulties, both transitory and permanent. They include adaptations in the language, content and presentation, but the basic informational content is maintained.

Easy-to-read campaign

TEB Cooperative Group has started a process to improve cognitive accessibility and promote easy-to-read texts. Among other actions, include:

There is also a new training project adapted for people with intellectual disabilities through audiovisuals, the creation of a new, more accessible corporate website, devised and validated with the participation of workers and users, and the easy-to-read adaptation of the Cooperative Statutes.