Cooperativism has allowed us to link social and work integration to cooperative values: self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, fairness and solidarity. The families who started up TEB were clear about this: their struggle had to be based on the democratic values that a cooperative represents. And we have carried on doing this, increasingly fostering inter-cooperation as an efficient tool to safeguard jobs in solidarity. We play an active part in organisations to promote the cooperative movement:


Federation of Workers’ Cooperatives of Catalonia

This is the organisation that brings together, represents and leads workers’ cooperatives in Catalonia. Throughout the history of TEB, we have taken part in different areas, especially in the Social Initiative Sector. We are currently part of the board of the organisation, at a time when more than ever we need to promote the values of cooperation and the principles of economic democracy to face up to the economic crisis.


Aposta, School of Cooperativism

We are committed to cooperative training and this is why we are members of Aposta, a school for continuous training. Aposta’s mission is “To contribute to the development of people and businesses with the acquisition and retention of the skills and abilities necessary to enhance their professional career and their position on the market, by promoting and guaranteeing the principles of cooperativism, taking people as the central factor.”