We have had residential homes and assisted flats in Barcelona and Castellar del Vallès for 30 years.

71 people with disability currently benefit from quality housing with support.

According to the principle of maximum autonomy and integration, we have opted for a model of “flats” for between 2 and 9 people, well spread out and integrated into the community, giving the users themselves the chance to be respected citizens and good neighbours.

Residential home: residential facility aimed at people with intellectual disability who need a service to replace the home. All-round care services are offered, aimed at maintaining and improving the condition of residents. TEB currently has the following facilities:

  • TEB Residential home /Barceloneta I
  • TEB Residential home /Barceloneta II
  • TEB Residential home /Casa Bloc I
  • TEB Residential home /Casa Bloc II
  • TEB Residential home /Castellar
  • TEB Residential home /Badalona