The origins of our sports clubs go back to the early 70s. An enterprising group of families had set up a work cooperative, Taller Escola Barcelona (TEB), to provide stable jobs for people with intellectual disability. While jobs were the priority,  as they form an essential starting point for inclusion and to foster autonomous living, a network of relations quickly sprang up around work, offering the chance to organise leisure, sport and so on.

Right from the start, sport has been the main leisure activity for TEB, on the understanding that playing sports fosters relations, boosts self-esteem, improves mobility and is good for the health in general.

We currently have 4 sports clubs, members of the ACELL federation and also of the Special Olympics movement. About 200 athletes practice sports through our clubs in 11 different disciplines: athletics, basketball, petanque, cycling, indoor soccer, handball, indoor hockey, tennis, table tennis and sailing.

Most athletes compete regularly in sporting leagues and championships, at Catalan, Spanish and international level.