Bagging and shrink-wrapping

Flexibility and versatility in different bagging and shrink-wrapping formats, with installed capacity for 62 million units a day.

Our machinery allows the inclusion of advertising inserts in cardboard and plastic, a unique format in the sector.

We offer the option of triple welding to provide the best possible guarantee on the market of the integrity of the product.


High frequency

Blister packs are one of the best-known formats on the market, because they allow the product to be displayed in a totally transparent way while ensuring its integrity.

We advise on the process of designing the model, making moulds and so on.

We offer our customers installed capacity for 140,000 units a day for high-frequency packs.



Installed capacity for 65,000 units a day.



This system is ideal for bundling products together for special offers and also as a security seal, to ensure the product is not opened. We have a steam tunnel suitable for any kind of pack and job to replace labelling.