Fundació Privada Treball, Empresa i Discapacitat (TEDIS, Work, Enterprise and Disability Private Foundation) has worked since 2005 to help businesses and other organisations comply with current legislation in the area of employment integration for people with disability.

Our beneficiaries are young people and adults with intellectual disability and their families, and also those organisations and individuals who take part in our projects and experiments to create employment for workers in this group.

TEDIS foundation works with the conviction that anything that encourages active participation on the labour market by people with intellectual disability boosts their real integration in society, social recognition for them and their own self-esteem.

Areas of action:

  1. Activities and projects to create jobs for young people and adults with intellectual disability.
  2. Initiatives that set out to promote employment for people with disability: training, education, research, awareness, innovation and dissemination.
  3. Priority is given to types of employment of proven efficiency in creating and maintaining over time a quality workplace for people with intellectual disability: special employment centres, placements, programmes for integration into ordinary businesses and so on.