We are a cooperative group made up of 8 cooperatives (TEB Barcelona, TEB Vallès, TEB Habitatge, TEB Verd, TEB Solucions, TEB Bellvitge, TEB Gestió, and a “second-level” cooperative, Taller Escola Barcelona).

We work according to cooperative principles and values to achieve an inclusive life for people with intellectual disabilities.

Since TEB was set up by a group of families in 1968 it has built up a network of non-profit special employment centres, occupational centres, specialised housing services, employment placement services, a guardianship foundation, sports clubs, etc. so that people with intellectual disability can take the place they deserve in society.

In the field of work, we have set up five special employment centres supplying quality products and services and providing jobs for 850 people, of whom around 600 are people with intellectual disability.

We also currently cater for 150 people at occupational centres and have 90 residential home places and a home support service.