TEB was born out of the struggle of families for their sons and daughters with disabilities to find a place in society. This is why our history has progressed together with this group’s struggle: to achieve social improvements, proper medical care, quality education and employment and social integration. Building together and cooperation between families and different social stakeholders have been very important throughout our history, which is why we have always played an active part in organisations in defence of intellectual disability.



This organisation resulted from the merger between APPS and Coordinadora de Talleres , which brought together organisations working for intellectual disability in different spheres: organisations that bring together families, special education schools, guardianship foundations, early assessment, service providers (special employment centres, occupational therapy services, employment and integration services, housing) and others. Over the years we have on various occasions sat on the boards of the two original organisations and we currently play an active role in the areas of housing, day care and work.



Association of special employment centres for people with intellectual disability whose common denominator is that they work in the sphere of environmental services in the city of Barcelona. Its primary goal is to foster the use of criteria of positive discrimination to favour quality, stable employment for people with disabilities, in particular people with intellectual disability. It is made up of Tundra, TEB Verd, SCCL, Barnaverd, SCCL, Gesis, SCCL and the Fundació Privada Tallers de Catalunya.