The professionals in our paint factory have more than thirty years’ experience in the business. Our products are environment-friendly; they are formulated using biodegradable substances that meet European standards for products and for children. We work both for the top commercial brands and under our own brand, TColors.

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This is water-based acrylic paint that is able to maintain a large volume. With it strong, totally flexible figures can be made – and they float in water.


High-viscosity water-based paint that is highly resistant to light and stays the same over time. The colours are opaque and shiny and it is very easy to apply with the fingers.

Watercolour fingerpaint

Paint to be used by the youngest children, on paper or cardboard. Transparent colours that let the white of the paper show through, so that children can paint pictures without the lines underneath disappearing. Easily washable and ideal for use with your fingers.

Window Colours

Acrylic paint to be applied to polypropylene sheets to create a film once it dries. Very easy to take off and can be put in windows or any other non-porous surface. It has a wide palette of colours including glitter and luminous options.


Water-based resinous solution. Quick-drying on contact with air, making a film. It forms an effective protective layer that gives surfaces a different touch, including gloss, satin or matt. Non-drip, the film is uniform and free of bubbles.

Satin acrylic

Quick-drying plastic paint, totally adherent to the vast majority of surfaces. When it dries it forms a waterproof, odourless and stain-resistant film. With a satin finish, it is highly fluid and easy to apply. Easy to mix to achieve all the shades you need by using colour theory.

Metallic acrylic

Plastic paint with a metallic finish. It dries fast and is highly adherent. Once dry it forms a waterproof, odourless and stain-resistant film. Easy to apply.

School tempera

Easy to apply tempera in bright colours. It is thick in the pot, but when it is applied it becomes more liquid, making it easier to work with a brush.

Metallic and pearlescent tempera

Aqueous paint made using pigments and mother of pearl. The mother of pearl gives excellent adhesion and brushing it on does not drag it out but spreads it evenly.

Fluorescent tempera

Aqueous paint made using pigments. Glossy, luminous paint that covers very well. It is fluid and brushes on evenly.

Glitter tempera

Aqueous paint based on colourings and glitter, specially designed for children. Easy to apply because it is very fluid and when brushed on it does not drag the glitter but spreads it evenly. No mixing with water needed.

Glitter Gel

Aqueous paint based on coloured glitter, specially designed for children. The glitter is highly adherent and goes on evenly. It doesn’t need diluting in water.

And many more surprises

Relief paint, chalk paint, textile paint, blackboard paint, magnetic paint, glitter, ink drawing, tempera sgraffito…