We have the facilities, experience and people to meet your needs.

We have 20,000 m2 of industrial premises to provide a fast response to our customers’ needs, in packing, handling and packaging jobs.

We have 45 years of experience as co-packers for market-leading brands, with a customer-focused culture of constant improvement.

We offer a comprehensive service in the area of production and also throughout the supply chain (purchasing, supplies, processing, logistics).


Packaging and handling

We generate value in our customers’ operations, with a meticulous service in the area of packaging, the supply chain and also alliances for distribution and production. The pillars of our way of working are safety, our quality system, training for teams and cutting costs for our customers.

We have 45 years of experience as co-packers, with a customer portfolio that includes market-leading brands in a range of sectors: publishing, industry, food and cosmetics. We provide a meticulous service in the supply chain: purchasing, supplies, handling and packing and logistics.


Assembly and crimping

We have facilities and staff qualified for crimping in electrical circuits, processing and handling electrical cables and so on. We offer our customers capacity for logistics and purchasing management. We have extensive experience in the automotive and home electronics industries.


Certified rooms

We are specialists in packaging, handling and the assembly and filling of displays for the food and cosmetics sectors. We meet our customers’ needs in the areas of safety, hygiene and traceability and for this reason we have certified rooms at controlled temperature, with rigorous quality control to guarantee strict monitoring of the whole supply chain. We have certificates for working with bare product.


Supported employment

As a Special Employment Centre, we have professional teams ready to do their work on the collaborator’s premises.

Supported employment is provided for by Royal Decree 290/2004.


Third-party production

We offer our customers more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing for the mass market: school paint, odour removers, etc.