The cooperative TEB Barcelona started life in 1974 in Barceloneta neighbourhood. It gradually expanded its activities to other parts of Barcelona, and currently has two sites in Sant Andreu, TEB/Estació and TEB/Sant Andreu, plus another one in Verdum neighbourhood, TEB/Verdum. The cooperative has its head office in Sant Andreu, where it shares a building with 8,000 m2 of floor space opened in 2006 with the cooperative group’s general services.

TEB Barcelona is the owner of a special employment centre (CEE) and also of occupational therapy (STO) and integration services (SOI). Its business activities are focused on industrial services, the paint factory (TColors) and on manufacturing odour removers (TOlors). It has facilities approved for handling cosmetics and also for food, and it packs and markets exotic salts (Salt&More).