Bolet Ben Fet

Bolet Ben Fet specialises in growing xiitake and maitake organically. It does this by following a process that reproduces the natural cycle of mushrooms in forests, as well as the principles of organic farming. The ultimate goal is for our mushrooms, when they reach your table, to stimulate the senses: the smell of the earth, exquisite texture and silky touch. At Bolet Ben Fet we want you to savour mushrooms to the maximum, enjoying them with all your senses. This is why, even though they can be found in dried form on the market, we only sell them fresh and ready to eat. The best thing is to eat them within one or two days of buying them, keeping them in the fridge.



Salt&More makes salt into an experience for the senses. We combine the quality and purity of our salt with a variety of spices and condiments to bring out the taste of your dishes and help you to personalise them in an original way.

The 100% pure natural sea salt we use is rich in dietary minerals and has a high iodine content which contributes to the body’s health.

School paints



The professionals in our paint factory have more than thirty years’ experience in the business. Our products are environment-friendly; they are formulated using biodegradable substances that meet European standards for products for children. We work both for the top commercial brands and under our own brand, TColors.




“A solution for every bad smell”. This is the slogan of  TOdors, a line of odour removers specially designed to remove bad smells in everyday situations. We supply the leading retail chains, and have 3 specific product ranges:

Household (kitchens, bathrooms, living room and bedrooms, tobacco, pets, footwear), Pets (cats, dogs) and Sport (footwear, lockers, gloves and equipment, helmets)



A powerful mosquito repellent that works both indoors and outdoors. It is made from 100% pure citronella. It is specially designed to hang near yourself, especially at leg height, which is where mosquitoes tend to be most active.