The purpose of TEB Cooperative Group is to guarantee the quality of the services it provides and the products it makes, meeting all the legal and regulatory requirements, both national and European, that apply to it. It also involves achieving full satisfaction for its customers, workers and partners, and accounting for its activities in terms of sustainable development, which means care for the environment and social welfare.

Management is fully committed to fostering constant improvement in quality throughout the organisation, and declares the following principles:

  • TEB’s Quality Policy focuses on achieving satisfaction for the end customer, by providing services or making safe, healthy products which meet both their expectations and whatever legal provisions may currently apply.
  • TEB is committed to ensuring that its business activities are compatible with the safety of its workers and protection of the environment and our surroundings. It does this through actions and measures aimed at preventing any kind of pollution which could be caused by operations connected with our activities.
  • Quality is responsibility of all TEB workers, whatever their position in the organisation.
  • Relations of cooperation and mutual respect are to be established with our suppliers, collaborators, the competent authorities, workers and customers.
  • The quality improvement process is to be constant, systematic, ambitious and based on measurements and data.

The industrial services provided by TEB Vallès and TEB Barcelona, as well as the services of TEB Gestió and TEB Solucions (cleaning, document destruction, CoopMercat-PortaAPorta establishments, etc.), have a quality management system certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


TEB Cooperative Group also has the IFS certification regarding the safety and quality of its food products and production processes at TEB/Sant Andreu and TEB/Verdum premises.

TEB/Sant Andreu