TEB launches a campaign to bring municipal elections closer to people with intellectual disabilities

2019-02-13T16:33:51+01:0012/02/19|Categories: Discapacitat @en|Tags: , |

The TEB Cooperative Group, within the framework of the federation Dincat-Plena Inclusió's movement "Our vote counts", launches a campaign to bring the upcoming municipal elections on May 26 [...]

TEB’s labour insertion service carries out 80 hirings in 2018

2019-02-16T15:35:23+01:0028/01/19|Categories: Discapacitat @en|Tags: , |

The TEB Cooperative Group's labour insertion service, through the Incorpora Program, was able to serve 154 people in 2018, among which a total of 80 hirings were made [...]

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