TEB has carried out a survey among 250 people with intellectual disabilities of the Group in order to find out their needs in new technologies.

The results show that most people with disabilities already have mobile and internet, but that an important part do not use widespread applications or don’t take full advantage of their potential. Thus, the data show that 90% of people with intellectual disabilities have a mobile and that 65% of them have a mobile with internet. But while 6 out of 10 use WhatsAapp, 55% calendar, and 50% Facebook and Youtube, only 15% of them use email and 20% maps.

In the case of the most used application, WhatsApp, there is also a lack of knowledge of its functions. Thus, only 60% of respondents use voice messages and emoticons, a percentage that drops to 35% when it comes to creating groups, and 15% to sharing links and locations.

‘TEBnològics’: training in the use of smartphone

To meet these needs, TEB has launched ‘TEBnològics’ training cycle. It is addressed to people with intellectual disabilities both working in Special Employment Centre and in occupational centres of the Group. It will focus on the use of smartphones and apps, with the aim of improving the autonomy and quality of life of the participants, as well as a safer use of the internet.