TEB Cooperative Group headquarters, located in Barcelona’s Sant Andreu district, ​​will have a new green roof covering more than 1,000 square metres. The transformation project [see 3D recreation in the image above], winner in the recent Green Roof Contest of Barcelona City Council, will be carried out by the team of gardeners of TEB Verd with the financial support of the City Council.

The green space, in addition to an extensive area covered with xerophilous plants of great resistance and durability, will include more than 200 square metres of Mediterranean flowers gardens and orchards also accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Open and inclusive educational activities

Besides increasing the isolation of the building and reducing its energy consumption, the new area will stand out as an educational and leisure space for TEB’s occupational centre groups and other organizations of the community. In this regard, shelters for insects and local birds will also be installed to reinforce the biodiversity of the future archaeological park of Rec Comtal.

The water resources necessary for the maintenance of the roof will be obtained in a sustainable manner, by installing a 15,000-liter tank that will collect rainwater and distribute it by drip irrigation system. The green area is expected to absorb about seven tons of carbon dioxide each year.

A new ecological, integral and sustainable space

The green area will be complemented with two more roofs until reaching the total surface of the roof, of more than 3,000 square metres. On the one hand, a solar roof already in operation with more than 1,200 square metres of panels, and on the other hand, a wind roof with wind turbines that will be located on the roof of the new building designed to expand TEB/Sant Andreu.

The works will begin in the second semestre of 2018 and have an expected duration of one year.

3D plan with the distribution of TEB/Sant Andreu’s future roof