A TEB Verd team has begun today to withdraw the Francoist plates that are still in the streets of the district of Sant Andreu (Barcelona). The next few days will remove a total of 128 plates built between 1939 and 1975, most of which are visible on facades of residential buildings promoted by the Francoist National Housing Institute.

The task, commissioned by Barcelona City Council, is the result of the work of the Historical Memory Commission of the District of Sant Andreu, which was set up in 2015 with the aim of preserving the history and identity of the neighbourhood. The Municipal Archive of the District of Sant Andreu will keep a copy of each type of plate collected, while the rest of the material will be melted and rebuilt to mark the places hit by the Civil War and the Francoist repression.

The workers of TEB Verd have been accompanied throughout the day by Felipe López-Aranguren, councilor of the District of Sant Andreu and president of its Committee of the Historical Memory. A team of betevé television channel shows it.

Non-profit work cooperative for the environmental sector

TEB Verd is a non-profit work cooperative integrated in TEB Cooperative Group that offers services of gardening, cleaning and maintenance of natural spaces and ecological agriculture. It has a stable staff of more than 40 members, most of whom are people with intellectual disabilities. Currently, among others, it is in charge of the maintenance and conservation of the park Turó de Putget, the park of Les Glòries, the MNAC, the forest maintenance in Collserola Tower or the design and planting of the Sants Station casing.