The TEB Cooperative Group’s labour insertion service, through the Incorpora Program, was able to serve 154 people in 2018, among which a total of 80 hirings were made in ordinary companies, 53 of them for people with disabilities. This means an increase of the job placements of near 20% compared to the previous year.

Also, 54 companies were visited, of which 13 ended up hiring, 5 of them for the first time.

The service is open to people at risk of social exclusion seeking job, mainly with intellectual disabilities. Among others, TEB offers individualized advice, training for active job search (writing CVs, how to do an interview, job portals on the Internet …), technical-professional training, job board registration, internships and support and follow up on hiring and accompaniment throughout the employment relationship.

Commitment to labour insertion

The TEB Cooperative Group has renewed its participation in the Incorpora Program, which aims to facilitate access to the ordinary labour market for groups at risk of social exclusion.

Accession was formalized on January 11 at the signing ceremony in Barcelona of the Incorpora 2019 agreement, along with 96 social organization of the region and La Caixa Foundation.

The program offers a network of 446 organizations around Spain, which are grouped locally into 22 Incorpora groups. The collaborative networking improves the response to the needs of the companies and the jobseekers and favors the efficiency and the effectiveness of the hirings.

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