The TEB Cooperative Group, within the framework of the federation Dincat-Plena Inclusió‘s movement “Our vote counts”, launches a campaign to bring the upcoming municipal elections on May 26 closer to people with intellectual disabilities.

In this sense, TEB has prepared an easy-reading document explaining the legal changes that return the right to vote to the group and how they can exercise it from now on. In addition, it calls for people to express their demands to improve the city through a simple questionnaire that can also be answered orally via WhatsApp. At the same time, TEB will hold different face-to-face meetings in its centres to promote debate, explain the elections and facilitate the individual expression of proposals.

At the end of the process, TEB will send a document with the collected demands to the municipal groups of the city councils of Barcelona, ​​l’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Castellar del Vallès, cities that host the main headquarters of the Group, with the objective that the parties take them into account when preparing their electoral programs.

In parallel, TEB will invite municipal candidates to their centres to explain their electoral commitments and listen first hand to the demands of this new group of potential voters.

Restitution of the right to vote

After years of mobilisation, the spanish Parliament approved in October of 2018 the reform of the organic law of the general electoral regime (LOREG) that returned the right to vote to the near 100,000 spaniards that had lost it after judicial processes of modification of their capacity to act.

With this initiative, TEB wants to facilitate the return to the political life of people as active subjects, promoting their full electoral participation after years, or a lifetime, of prohibition.