TEB has incorporated 78 workers with disabilities in 2017, according to consolidated figures made public in the last assemblies of the Group’s cooperatives.

Thus, the Group already employs 626 people with disabilities in its Special Employment Centres, 579 of which are with “special difficulties”. The figure represents more than 8% of the total employment in Catalonia of people with disabilities with “special difficulties” in the non-profit sector.

The collectives recognized as “special difficulties” in the disability sector are people with intellectual disabilities, mental health problems, and physical or sensory disabilities of more than 65%.

This increase has been possible thanks to two main factors: the integration of a new cooperative and its workers to the Group, TEB Bellvitge, and an increase in annual turnover of almost 2 million euros.

TEB Cooperative Group includes more than 1,000 people, in different areas:

  • 626 people with disabilities working in Special Employment Centres,
  • 220 support professionals,
  • 179 people in Occupational Centres,
  • 79 people living in home care services (residential homes and In-Home support service),
  • 28 people guarded by TEB Fundació,
  • 180 people in sports clubs

Growth of revenue and turnover

TEB has had a turnover in 2017 of 15 million euros, almost 2 million more than the previous year, thanks mainly to the improvement of its industrial activities and services for third parties, as well as the solid evolution of its own brands of school paint, odor eliminators and food.

Adding the government subsidies, the total consolidated revenues are already more than 22 million euros per year.

Challenges for 2018

In addition to the approval of the accounts, the last assemblies in June have reflected on the Group’s main challenges for 2018. Among others:

  • Create a new own brand of healthy food for the inner market.
  • Consolidate new lines of work in the service sector, such as concierge services, as well as create a second level cooperative for home delivery services to expand its efficiency and scope.
  • Strengthen the role of the new work centre TEB/Bon Pastor also as a logistical space to support TEB/Sant Andreu.
  • Deploy a new service model for TEB Habitatge home care facilities in order to be more efficient, flexible and person-centered. It incorporates new professional profiles, including a technical support to centralize the maintenance and management of the housing facilities, and a more specialized educational support made up of family workers and social educators.
  • Deepen the training of workers and professionals of Special Employment Centres in various fields.
  • Create new stable and accessible spaces for participation for the workers of the Special Employment Centre.