TEB Cooperative Group has started the production Hibiscus Flower in syrup, a new gourmet product ideal for toasts with champagne or cocktails and to make infusions.

The final product, once classified, conditioned, packaged manually and boxed up, is entirely used for export to Germany and Austria. It is done under the umbrella of Trade&More, a food innovation company created by the alliance between TEB Cooperative Group and the Austrian company Manolo’s Food.

The Hibiscus Flower, native to Southeast Asia, is edible. After being boiled with mineral water and cane sugar, its manual packaging preserves its original flavour, colour and shape. The flower is ideal for culinary recipes, especially if it is submerged in sparkling drinks: it intensifies the bubbles, it provides a unique sweet flavour and enhances the visual appeal by opening its petals.




A new certified food room

The Hibiscus Flower is produced along with rice and risottos &More in a new food room at TEB/Verdum centre, of 100 square meters, recently opened with the highest qualification of the IFS certification.

TEB/Verdum has also remodeled its warehouse and has upgraded to High Level the IFS certification of its already functioning food rooms, dedicated to the production of gourmet salts.