The TEB Cooperative Group launches the brand “Repartiment en bones mans” (Deliveries in good hands) to promote its model of ecological and proximity delivery services throughout Catalonia. The corporate image will be managed by a new cooperative of 2nd level, to which different organisations of the territory will be able to adhere.

The new enterprise starts with two cooperatives of first level, TEB Solucions and TEB Bellvitge, the assemblies of which agreed on September 27 to stop operating the brands “Porta a Porta” (Door to Door) and “Compra i Servei” (Purchase and Service) to work under the new umbrella of “Repartiment en bones mans”.

The alliance is open to accessions from other organisations that want to replicate in their reference territory a successful model that already operates in a dozen municipal markets and some thirty supermarkets in the Barcelona area and employs more than 60 people with intellectual disabilities.

The 2nd level cooperative will share the brand image and promote the transfer of knowledge among the associated organisations to facilitate the synergies and replicability of the model. In no case, however, will it involve economic integration, and each organisation will retain its full autonomy when billing the services performed.

The project has the support of the 2017 grants for singular projects, the network of cooperative athenaeums and  aracoop projects, for the promotion of the social economy and cooperativism.

Ecological and socially responsible deliveries

“Repartiment en bones mans” is a non-profit social initiative that gives job opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion. It promotes ecological last mile deliveries, on foot and without CO2 emissions, which also facilitates greater social inclusion of staff in the communities where they work. At the same time, it also offers long-distance services to customers who require them.