The president of FGC, the Catalan public railway company, Enric Ticó, and Francesc Martínez de Foix, representative of the TEB Cooperative Group, signed an agreement on Friday by virtue of which FGC trains will be equipped with a device to get rid of bad smells. The purpose of this cooperation is to improve comfort and environmental conditions for railway passengers. In the course of 2013, the TEB Cooperative Group conducted several trials inside trains and gathered the opinions of actual users. The result of these product trials was a positive rating by FGC users. The product consists of gel tablets fitted in the air outlets in the heating and cooling system on the trains to neutralise smells inside them. It should be pointed out that the TEB Cooperative Group products are completely harmless to users. FGC aims to equip gradually both Metro del Vallès trains and those of the Metros del Baix Llobregat with these systems. The gel tablets are made by people with intellectual disability under licence from Green Planet Solutions, who provide the technology. The TEB Cooperative Group is a non-profit organisation which has several specialist employment and service centres in the Barcelonès and Vallès areas. In total, 650 people work for the group, of whom 480 are people with intellectual disability.