The odor eliminator brand Todors has improved its corporate image this year, creating new more efficient packaging and adopting a more modern logo. All the labels have also been renewed with a more attractive design.

The first public presentation of the new brand image coincided with Iberzoo 2018 Fair, which took place in Madrid from the 15th to the 17th of March with the presence of pet professionals from all over Europe. Todors exhibited its entire range of products within the Gloria brand stand, invited by the distributor LICE SL.

This new boost is intended to respond to the main challenges of the brand in 2018: to continue adding big generalist and specialized distribution chains in the domestic market and also to begin exporting to the main European markets.

TEB’s own brand

Todors is a brand of the TEB Cooperative Group that is manufactured in the centre TEB/Estació and that creates stable jobs for people with intellectual disabilities since 2011. It is made respectfully with the environment and the people, following the standards of quality of ISO 9001 certification, issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Todors acts effectively against odors by chemical reactions that neutralize the molecules that cause the bad smell, and then releasing a smooth harmonic fragrance with the formula used. It is comfortably administered by a spray that can be applied more than 600 times per bottle.

There are 15 product lines with specific formulas against each type of bad smell (tobacco, humidity, sweat, animals, vomit, etc.):

  • Home (bathroom, kitchen, car, footwear, garbage, living room and rooms, tobacco)
  • Professional (taxi)
  • Sport (helmets, gloves and tools, sports shoes, lockers)
  • Pets (cats, dogs, pets)

Where can you find them?

Todors is sold to the general public through different supermarket chains, among others, Eroski, Clarel, Aldi, Lidl and Día, as well as shops and kiosks.

It is also distributed in specialized establishments: in the case of pet odor eliminators through the distributor LICE SL, as part of the Gloria brand catalog, and in the case of the odor eliminators for professionals, through the automotive stores of the Hitcon group and its brand La Casa del Taxi.

Besides, the Barcelona-Madrid AVE (High-Speed) trains and the tram network of Barcelona and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) are equipped with Todors products to eliminate bad odors from wagons.