Alexandrina Altirriba, new president of TEB Cooperative Group

2017-09-05T17:49:34+02:0004/09/17|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|

Alexandrina Altirriba, director of TEB/Verdum centre, succeeds Jordi Vilahú as president of TEB Cooperative Group, as agreed by the assembly of Cooperativa Taller Escuela Barcelona SCCL, second grade, on [...]

Goodbye to Francesc Martínez de Foix, CEO of TEB and founder of Special Olympics and Federation ACELL

2017-08-22T17:04:45+02:0016/07/17|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|

Francesc Martínez de Foix i Llorens, CEO of TEB Cooperative Group, left us this morning at the age of 63, after a month and a half of fighting against [...]

TEB plans the expansion of its Sant Andreu centre and the creation of a new home-residence

2017-05-25T18:04:04+02:0016/05/17|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|Tags: , , , , , |

Following the recent opening of a new special employment centre in Bon Pastor (Barcelona), TEB Cooperative Group continues to expand its industrial facilities and care services to keep [...]

TEB opens a new special employment centre in Bon Pastor

2017-05-25T18:03:34+02:0030/03/17|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|Tags: , |

TEB Cooperative Group has opened a new special employment centre in Bon Pastor (Barcelona). The new facilities are located in an industrial warehouse with two floors of 2,000 [...]

65% of people with disabilities from TEB have ‘smartphone’ but don’t take advantage of its potential

2019-12-20T12:24:17+01:0028/03/17|Categories: Cooperativisme @en|Tags: , , , |

TEB has carried out a survey among 250 people with intellectual disabilities of the Group in order to find out their needs in new technologies. The results show [...]

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