Alexandrina Altirriba, director of TEB/Verdum centre, succeeds Jordi Vilahú as president of TEB Cooperative Group, as agreed by the assembly of Cooperativa Taller Escuela Barcelona SCCL, second grade, on the 28th of June.  She  has been in TEB for 42 years, where she started as support worker at TEB/Barceloneta, and for 25 years she has been in charge of TEB/Verdum.

Seven social initiative cooperatives with more than 1,000 people

TEB Cooperative Group was founded more than 50 years ago and currently comprises seven non-profit social cooperatives (TEB Barcelona, TEB Vallès, TEB Bellvitge, TEB Solucions, TEB Verd, TEB Habitatge and TEB Gestió). Currently it employs or offer services to 1,064 people.