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TEB Cooperative Group creates 55 jobs in 2016

04/09/17|0 Comments

TEB Cooperative Group has created 55 jobs in 2016, according to consolidated figures made public in the last assemblies of the Group. Of these new [...]

Alexandrina Altirriba, new president of TEB Cooperative Group

04/09/17|0 Comments

Alexandrina Altirriba, director of TEB/Verdum centre, succeeds Jordi Vilahú as president of TEB Cooperative Group, as agreed by the assembly of Cooperativa Taller Escuela Barcelona SCCL, [...]

Goodbye to Francesc Martínez de Foix, CEO of TEB and founder of Special Olympics and Federation ACELL

16/07/17|0 Comments

Francesc Martínez de Foix i Llorens, CEO of TEB Cooperative Group, left us this morning at the age of 63, after a month and a half [...]

TEBVist’s director wins the ASPID award for his advocacy of people with disabilities

07/07/17|0 Comments

The director of TEBVist, Josep Maria Soro, has been recognized with the Communication award of ASPID , an organization that offers tools to people with disabilities for their [...]

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