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TEB incorporates 78 workers with disabilities last year

24/07/18|0 Comments

TEB has incorporated 78 workers with disabilities in 2017, according to consolidated figures made public in the last assemblies of the Group's cooperatives. Thus, the [...]

TEB headquarters will host a green roof with more than 1,000 square metres of gardens and orchards

04/06/18|0 Comments

TEB Cooperative Group headquarters, located in Barcelona's Sant Andreu district, ​​will have a new green roof covering more than 1,000 square metres. The transformation project [...]

TEB Verd gardeners, in charge of the maintenance of the Hospital de Sant Pau

25/04/18|0 Comments

The Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) Sant Pau, owned in equal parts by TEB Verd and Urbacet, has won the public tender to maintain the gardens [...]

The odor eliminator Todors renews brand to strenghten its corporate image

04/04/18|0 Comments

The odor eliminator brand Todors has improved its corporate image this year, creating new more efficient packaging and adopting a more modern logo. All the [...]

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