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TColors returns to the Creative World Fair in Frankfurt

29/01/18|0 Comments

TColors opened a stand for the fourth consecutive year at the Creative World Fair in Frankfurt, the world's largest trade fair for paints, stationery and [...]

TEB Solucions collects used coffee grounds from 80 restaurants in Barcelona to turn them into energy

13/12/17|0 Comments

The Porta a Porta service of TEB Solucions participates in the project 'Up! Energía' by the non-profit organisation  Factor Escucha, which aims to create job [...]

TEB exports Hibiscus Flower, a new gourmet product for sparkling drinks

06/10/17|0 Comments

TEB Cooperative Group has started the production Hibiscus Flower in syrup, a new gourmet product ideal for toasts with champagne or cocktails and to make infusions. The final [...]

TEB Verd removes the Francoist symbols of the streets of Sant Andreu

27/09/17|0 Comments

A TEB Verd team has begun today to withdraw the Francoist plates that are still in the streets of the district of Sant Andreu (Barcelona). The [...]

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