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The Slow Food Catalonia movement rewards Bolet Ben Fet

19/03/19|0 Comments

Bolet Ben Fet has received one of the "Committed Km0 Producer" awards at the annual meeting of chefs of the Slow Food Catalonia movement that [...]

TEB professionals train in easy-to-read text writing

15/03/19|0 Comments

More than 25 professionals from the social teams and secretaries of the different TEB centres have been trained between October and February in writing easy-to-read [...]

TEB launches a campaign to bring municipal elections closer to people with intellectual disabilities

12/02/19|0 Comments

The TEB Cooperative Group, within the framework of the federation Dincat-Plena Inclusió's movement "Our vote counts", launches a campaign to bring the upcoming municipal elections [...]

Tcolors launches new image and catalog at the Creative World Fair 2019

31/01/19|0 Comments

TColors has participated for the fifth consecutive year at the Creative World Fair, the world's largest gathering about paints, stationery and handicrafts, which took place [...]

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